Our Customer Care Begins The Moment You Walk Through Our Door

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an experienced purchaser, our Customer Care Team will help make your home buying experience a smooth one. Our home building experience is designed to gently guide you through your home buying process – from the date of purchase, to move in and beyond.

Homeowner seminars are an integral part of this experience; Sundial’s Customer Care team will walk you through the various home building stages – from site preparation to explaining the building process and how to effectively use Sundial Homes’ Design Centre. You will also be taken on an inspection tour of your new home when it’s close to completion and guided through the full closing process for taking possession of your new home.

Of course, no customer care experience would be complete without our Quality Assurance Guarantee. In addition to City Building Official Inspections, Sundial Homes conducts its own quality control inspections to provide you with trust and confidence while purchasing your new home.