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Since 1987, the Sundial Homes reputation as one of the top homebuilders in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area speaks for itself. After more than 25 years building over 10,000 new homes and 42 communities, at Sundial Homes we understand that trust and confidence must be earned.
Our customers deserve the best, which is why we build the best homes and the best communities at the best prices. To do that, we start with a strong foundation: the Sundial Homes buyer-builder relationship.

Here is a comprehensive list of answers to your questions...

Q : My Agreement is now Firm, is my Closing Date Firm as well?

The Tentative Closing Date is set when the builder is less able to determine a precise date that the home can       be completed. For example, if construction has not yet started, or if there are unpredictable obstacles which       could slow completion such as weather delays or strike delays. This option allows a builder to extend the       Closing Date twice, by up to 120 days each time, without paying compensation.
      The Firm Closing Date – This is the date the Builder agrees the home will be completed and ready to move in.

Q : How do I know what school my child/children will attend? Will there be bus service

Visit the website for the District School Board in which you will be living or contact the Board by phone.

Q : When should I expect to be called for my Design Centre appointments?

You will be invited to our Design Centre for an appointment approximately three months prior to construction of       your home commencing. This may vary if you purchased a home that is already under construction. Our Design       Centre is also open to purchasers for browsing hours every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM, excluding Holiday       weekends. All exterior colour packages, including brick selections, are done at the sales office based on your       date of purchase. You invitation to return to the sales office for exterior colour package selection may or may not       be scheduled prior to your structural appointment at the Design Centre.

Q : What transit services are available from my new community?

Public Transit schedules are available online at or
      Phone GO Transit at 416-869-3200 (TTY 1-800-387-3652).

Q : What is my new address and Postal Code? How do I arrange to pick up my mail?

You can find your municipal address on the front page of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and/or on any       Amendment pertaining to your new home. Postal Codes may be found at Once your home       has closed, visit the local post office to set up delivery of your mail. Mailbox units will be placed in your       community once major construction is finished.

Q : Will I have a sidewalk in front of my home?

This information may or may not be available at the time of purchase due to the development process.       Sidewalks are placed in designated locations required by the Municipality standards.

Q : When will I have sod and a paved driveway?

For a variety of reasons, it is possible that sod may not be laid at the time you take occupancy of your new home.       Time of year may be a factor, or local Municipalities may delay this process to ensure certain subdivision       requirements have been met. The period from May 1st to November 15th is generally considered suitable       weather conditions for laying sod and paving driveways.

Q : When can I expect a tax bill representing both the land and the house?

Land taxes may be available, but the taxes levied against the house itself may not be available for a period from       six months up to three years. The supplementary billing for the house portion will be retroactive to your       occupancy date, and will be payable in “one” installment. You may want to start putting funds aside in       anticipation of the supplementary billing. Eventually, the land and the house billings will be combined into one       total to be billed over four regular installments per year.

Q : Can the town provide an estimate of what the house taxes will be?

The basic formula for calculating property taxes is “assessment value X tax rate.” An estimated assessment       value can be established by contacting the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation at 1-800-387-5909.
      The assessment agent will work with you to determine the estimated assessment value. The tax rate can be       obtained from the tax department.

Q : What by-laws are in effect for parking on the street?

You can find this information at the bylaw office at your Town Hall or City Hall. Call to find out what the       restrictions are.

Q : How do I find out when you will be releasing more lots or opening a new site?

You can keep checking our website and register online in order to be notified of upcoming releases.

“Thank you to the Sundial Homes team for going above and beyond my expectations of a builder. What great customer service!”

Audrey, Milton

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